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        Air Tools Structure Explain.
        Explain to you what is a pneumatic wrench (wind gun machine)
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        Explain: What is Pneumatic Wrench (Air Cannon Machine)

           Pneumatic gun is a kind of pneumatic tool, because it is noisy when it works, so it is named, also known as pneumatic wrench. Its power source is the compressed air output from the air compressor. When the compressed air enters into the air cannon cylinder, it drives the impeller inside to rotate to generate rotating power. 

          The impeller then drives the connected striking parts to carry out the similar hammering movement. After each knock, the screw is tightened or removed. It is an efficient and safe tool for disassembling and assembling screws. The force produced by a large air cannon is equal to the force that two adults use two meters long spanner to tighten the screws. Its force is usually proportional to the pressure of the air compressor. 

          The force generated by the pressure is large, and vice versa. So it has been applied to various industry requirements.

          Suitable for any place where screws need to be removed.

          We often see the pneumatic gun tire repair is to use the pneumatic gun to remove the tire on the car, and then to repair the tire. It's just one of the quickest tools to remove screws. At the same time, the application in the valve manufacturing industry has produced a huge response, and now it has slowly begun to become common!

        1、 Appearance:

        1). It looks like a gun. Some people who have never seen it will say what kind of gun it is when they see it for the first time.

        2). 1/2 pneumatic wrench, which refers to the square part of connecting sleeve, with side length of 0.5 inch. This is a relatively small air cannon, suitable for removing the screws on car tires.

        3). 1 inch square head, it is generally suitable for larger point cars, trucks, buses.

        4). The others are 3 / 4, 3 / 8.

        2、 Internal structure:

          There are many structures. We have seen single hammer with pin, double hammer with pin, three hammer with pin, four hammer with pin, double ring structure and single hammer without pin structure.

        1). Now the main structure is double ring structure, which is mainly used in small air cannon, because the torque produced by this structure is much larger than that of single hammer, and it has higher requirements for materials. If this kind of structure is applied to the gale gun, its striking block (hammer block) will be easily cracked.

        2). The main structure of the large-scale air cannon (as shown in the figure) is a single hammer without pin structure. This kind of structure is the most ideal structure in terms of fighting.

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